Stewards for a Healthy Ocean

Together, we will create meaningful change for the health of our ocean.


Optimism paired with action is a powerful tool.


We share with transparency and truth.


Don’t let fear make decisions for you.

BlueAct Ocean Conservation Day is a new event at the Gibsons Public Market and Nicholas Sonntag TidePools Aquarium, bringing together local ocean conservation partners to share their stories with the public and each other, providing education, engagement, and networking opportunities. We invite the public to join us and engage with these conservation groups, learn what they are up to and how you can get involved to help us all achieve the goal of having a sustainable healthy ocean. Admission by donation. To learn more about the event, including full event schedule click here.

  Join Candace Campo from Talasay Tours for an Indigenous walking tour, ‘Spoken Treasures in the Salish Sea,’ exploring the Gibsons foreshore area. Limited space is available, so sign up here!
Participate in our 6th annual fundraiser auction that celebrates and supports the work we do to sustain healthy Coastal life! Up to 100 artists unleash their creativity on wooden Orca cutouts that we post on our online auction site to help raise funds for ongoing programs and operations of TidePools Aquarium. Bidding will begin June 26 and end July 14 at the OceanFest Conservation Day reception at the Gibsons Public Market. Click here to bid on your favourite Orca!
Enter to win $1800 BC Ferries Gift Card bundle! Gift cards can be used towards travel passage onboard BC Ferries, a BC Ferries Vacation package + other BC Ferries products!Raffle supports Gibsons Community Building Society and BlueAct Marine Society’s ongoing programs and operations. Draw takes place September 4, 2024 at the Gibsons Public Market. Get your tickets here!  

Become a Tide Changer

Together, we can create meaningful change for the health of our ocean.
Join us in embracing simple personal actions that can help transform your daily tasks to minimize your environmental footprint and embrace a ‘zero-waste’ lifestyle.

What ways can you make a daily impact?

Here are some ideas to get you started:


Reduce your Single Use

 Plastics: By opting for reusable cups or eco-friendly alternatives, we can significantly decrease plastic pollution, safeguarding marine life from ingestion and entanglement. By reducing plastic waste, we mitigate the risk of microplastic contamination, ensuring the health and vitality of marine organisms.


Conserve Water

Be mindful of water usage at home by fixing leaks, taking shorter showers, and turning off taps when not in use. Conserving water helps maintain healthy aquatic ecosystems.


Participate in Beach Cleanups

Volunteer for beach cleanups in your community to remove litter and debris from shorelines, preventing them from entering the ocean and harming marine life.

Volunteer Opportunities

BlueAct Marine Society strives to provide an engaged community where all can impact the health of our ocean. We believe together we can achieve meaningful change. Volunteers are a key to achieving these goals.

Join us in helping to care for our Ocean.

Nicholas Sonntag TidePools Aquarium is run by BlueAct Marine Society, located at the Gibsons Public Market in Gibsons, Bristish Columbia.

Our 1,200 square foot aquarium showcases 30 habitats of local marine life collected from nearby harbours and bays. Explore the habitats at your own pace or connect with one of our staff or volunteer interpreters who will be happy to tell you a bit about some of the 70+ species in our centre.

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